What is podcasting?

Podcasting is an easy way you can automatically receive information about a wide range of subjects to your computer or portable device. To do this, you subscribe to a podcast by downloading a small piece of software that manages all of your podcast subscriptions. When connected to the internet, the software searches for the latest edition of a program on the host website, and will download it to a folder on your computer, ready for when you next plug in your portable mp3 device. Although it is called a podcast you don't need to have an iPod to download the material. Subscribing to a podcast means that you don't have to manually search for new programs to download them from a website. It happens automatically!

On this page you will find links to a selection of interesting environmental podcasts. Simply click the link and follow the subscription and download directions.

Great moments in Science
MP3 packages of Dr Karl's Great Moments in Science are also available, a new one each week.
Dr Karl on Triple J

Carbon Neutral Cotton?
Stuart Higgins, a Cotton and Sorghum Farmer from the Darling Downs in Queensland looks at the possibilities of his cotton crop being carbon neutral.
ABC Radio - 30/04/07

World Without Oil
Listen to leading game designer Jane McGonigal discuss World Without Oil an alternate reality game about the impending oil crisis. Jane discusses collaborative gaming, collective intelligence and the future of green learning through play.
A Climate Affair - 26/04/07

CSIRO - Climate Change Panel
Dr Penny Whetton discusses CSIRO’s role in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report in this four-minute podcast.
CSIRO - 9/03/07

CSIRO - The Heat is On
What will Australia’s energy needs be in 2050? What challenges will we be facing? What can we do now? Members of the Energy Futures Forum discuss their experience in creating The Heat is On report in this six-minute podcast.
CSIRO - 15/01/07

Nuclear Vs Coal Vs Renewable Energy
This Free Radical discussion at the Powerhouse Museum hears from experts in their respective fields looking at the role coal, uranium and renewable resources should play in the economic and energy future of Australia.
Free Radicals, Powerhouse Museum 9/11/06

The Future is Green
'Green' has gone mainstream and it's fuelling a very lucrative industry. But what does it mean to be green? Rebecca Martin reports.
Catapult - Triple J