Petar Johnson

Petar has spent 20 years in the environmental arena working within the broadest elements of the environmental challenge in Australia. He is a member of the Board for the Australian National Centre for Sustainability, a Director of Good Environmental Choice Services Pty Ltd and a Director of Addressing Global Warming Pty Ltd, a wind turbine establishment company.

He has held positions with the Centre for Resource and Environment Studies, ANU the Blue Mountains World Heritage Committee; and the Earth Repair Foundation. He has also worked in the Commonwealth Government with the Energy Efficiency Labelling Team, and with the Greenhouse Challenge Group in the Australian Greenhouse Office. He was a primary consultant for the development of the safety case quality assurance licensing system for offshore petroleum and gas recovery structures and vessels in the Department of Industry, Science, and Resources.

Prior to the establishment of the GEC program Petar was manager of the Environment Ministers Working Group on Product Stewardship for Electrical and Electronic Equipment in the Sustainable Industries Branch, Commonwealth Department of Environment and Water.

Petar has an ongoing interest in the associated fields of human ecology and sustainable development and in progressing social shifts towards a balance between environment and society.