Peter Kenyon

“Good Enough Never Is” delivers the stories of ordinary rural people who dared to be different and have become out-of-the-ordinary rural entrepreneurs. Rather than being endowed with unique and mysterious qualities, these people have discovered and developed attitudes, behaviours and skills that set them apart from most business operators.

Peter Kenyon’s book ‘Good Enough Never Is’, a follow up to his very popular “A Kit for Small Town Renewal”, covers the ‘Ten Common Themes’ or ‘Success Factors’ which are shared by 20 top rural businesses from all over Australia.

Peter is a sought after motivating and inspiring story teller – in “Good Enough Never Is” Peter tells the inspirational stories of success, their lessons and the action for your delegates “The Ingredients to running a successful small to medium sized business”

Peter Kenyon is recognised in Australia and around the world as a leading authority on Business, Town & Regional Development. He is a keynote speaker and facilitator at events and programs around the world, including at key global events with the United Nations.

Peter Kenyon is a social entrepreneur and community enthusiast. Over the last decade he has worked with over 600 communities throughout Australia, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways that stimulate community and economic renewal. He is motivated by the desire to create healthy, inclusive, sustainable and enterprising communities.

Peter has had a background as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer and tertiary lecturer. His employment experiences have also included Director of Employment in Western Australia, Manager of the Community Employment Development Unit in New Zealand and Coordinator of the Natal Kwazulu Job Creation and Enterprise Strategy in South Africa.

Peter became convinced that one cannot develop communities from the top down or from the outside in. It required communities to build from the inside out, and for their residents to invest themselves, ideas, assets and resources in the process. Subsequently, he created the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising Action and Strategies), in 1990, to promote such a paradigm shift and assist with the necessary facilitation, ideas and skills. He is also Founding Director of 'The Centre for Small Town Development'

He has completed assignments related to employment and economic development in every Australian State, including workshops in over 500 Australian towns and cities, and project work in 30 countries.

Peter can create Keynote Presentations on topics including: Motivation, Facilitation, Policy and Strategy Design, Opportunity identification and assessment, Project implementation and management, Information collection and dissemination, Project evaluation and Training.

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