Ruben Meerman

Ruben Meerman is known as the Surfing Scientist because he loves surfing and he’s a scientist. He’s a regular guest on Triple J’s Super Request, writer and presenter of the new ABC kids’ science show “The ExperiMENTALS” and has an ABC website packed with science resources for teachers and kids.

Ruben’s scientific career started as a physicist working in the laser industry but he soon escaped the lab to start performing his brand of cheeky science shows at schools and public events. With eye-popping demonstrations and lightning wit, Ruben engages audiences with an ‘infectious’ passion and enthusiasm.

Ruben is also the brains behind three hugely successful whodunit competitions starring music, radio and sporting celebrities as the ‘suspects’ and school kids as the forensic scientists. Over 600,000 students and teachers have already participated in Ruben’s creations in Australia and the UK with more in the pipeline.

Ruben has taught science and primary science education at Griffith University, written science features for newspapers and Australia’s Surfing Life and developed science activities for theme parks. He also spent two years working in the film industry as a runner and producer’s assistant and still contemplates finishing his PhD on the impact of shark control programs on the risk of shark attack.

He is currently writing and producing a new science series entitled “The Surfing Scientist” for ABC Science.

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