Outdoor Water Use

Outside our houses, we use water to wash cars, fill swimming pools and water gardens.

Water saving tips for the outdoors:

  • Wash cars using a bucket, rather than a running hose. Alternatively, try a certified waterless car cleaning product.
  • If you have a pool or spa, use a cover to help reduce evaporation. Consider getting a rainwater tank to provide water for topping up the pool and other garden use.
  • Your choice of garden plants will determine the watering needs of your garden. If you try to keep tropical plants in a dry climate, you will need to do a lot of watering. Consider planting species that are native to your local area, as they are well suited to local climate and rainfall patterns.
  • Smart landscaping design can also reduce water use in the garden. Group plants together that have similar watering needs. Lawns tend to be thirsty, so keep lawn areas to a minimum.
  • Use mulch on garden beds to reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • Consider using subsurface irrigation systems to get water to plant roots. Other irrigation products, such as timers and soil moisture sensors can also help to minimise water wastage.
  • Use compost on your garden. As well as providing food for your plants, compost helps soil retain water.
  • If you need them, consider water saving garden products such as soil wetting agents and water storing crystals, particularly for pot plants.