Using Appliances

Buying the right appliance or water-using device is one half of reducing the water consumption of appliance use. The other half is having good habits in the way you use the appliance at home. For example, water-saving features can do little to help the environment if they are never used.

General eco-tips for using appliances:

  • Keep appliances clean and well maintained as outlined in product instructions. For example, clean the filters in washing machines. Well-maintained appliances run more efficiently.
  • Use energy and water saving features.
  • Wash full loads when using dishwashers and washing machines to reduce the number of loads you need to do.
  • See if you can have rainwater from a rainwater tank plumbed to the inside of the house for use in washing machines.

More tips for the greener use of individual appliances is included in Tanya Ha’s eco-living guide book Greeniology.